For those who want to practice correlation in excel here is an excellent spreadsheet with data and other examples :  User can explore various aspects of the correlation coefficient. There are various tabs under which different sheets are available the extreme sheet allows user to learn how to handle the extreme cases of positive and negative correlation. The another sheet i.e patterns sheet  show that the same summary statistics will fit many different bivariate patterns. Correlation sheets shows how the correlation coefficient changes as more data is added to a bivariate scatter and more….

scatter correlation graph excel

Download the example sheet and try yourself

How to do it ?

Video tutorial showing how you can plot correlation in a graph.It easy to plot a graph using CORREL function or using the data analysis tools.We are again taking help of any dummy sheet with very few data. This will help you in understanding well. You can fill in any numbers in two columns ,then highlight that data and choose scatter from the Insert tab. If you want to change the max min values if the x and y axis you should click on that chart and choose Axes from layout tab then select primary horizontal or primary vertical axes.  If you have chosen another graph you can simply right click and choose select data or change chart type. Here is a decent tutorial showing you how to do it