Law practice cash flow budget sample template

Cash flow management  spreadsheet Being a professional accountant, i could say that it is never easy to manage all activities related to my clients that includes some law firms. If you are practicing alone or starting things up, then here are some sample excel templates that can help you. First one includes multiple tabbed sheet. In the start-up costs you have to fill in details fixed costs like office furniture,IT hardware etc. as well as variable costs like website and…

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How to convert any number series in date format ?

Converting year/month/date format in date/month/year or other format using excel formulas . Actually i was facing problem regarding the format of dates. The spreadsheet that i downloaded from my stock broker was having different format from what i wanted to have, for income tax filing purpose.  The data was in following manner and i had tried number format option multiple times and it was not working at all. BuyDate SellDate 20161125 20161125 20160708 20160708 20160627 20160627 20160704 20160704 20160630 20160630…

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Law Firm Profitability Calculator

This time we are offering you a powerful tool to calculate profitability of your law firm.This template allows user to determine the projected revenues and compare those revenues to the costs. Analyze the cost linked with associate partner. You can understand it with an example provided within the sheet. This example is based for large sized Toronto law firm. We have already published a budget template in past.   There is a another worksheet available that can help you in…

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8+ Monte Carlo Simulation Excel Example and Add ins

This sample sheet shows example of random number generation and  Monte Carlo simulation. This worksheet runs a macro to do this work that can be adjusted for 1000 repetitions or for 10000 repetitions. RANDOM() function is used as base. To simulate a Monte Carlo situation for cost risk one has to look on the factors or parameters that have uncertainty associated with them, then find the distributions  that are to be used for every one of them. Now create a…

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evm chart in excel

EVM Earned Value Management Excel

Example sheets contains chart. Don’t forget to check them.       Very first worksheet consist 3 tabbed sheets. Earned value,actual cost along with a report.If you want to check how this worksheet is working in background of the sheet just press ctrl+` button and all the formula’s will be revealed.You have to keep in mind that while inserting data WBS,task name and tbc are identical. You have to enter the percentage for each task to determine the CEV. This…

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vehicle checklist

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Form

These automobile inspection checklists are real handy. You can download any one of them. You can edit them in pdf  editor or you can try the MS word version by using any online pdf to word converter. If you want excel version you can put this demand in comments. These files are printable and free. We are also processing a list of around 10 checklist forms for pre-owned cars. These templates are quite useful, in case you are getting your car serviced or…

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kh coder tutorial

This software is a text analysis and mining software that can be used for computational linguistics. It supports various languages and is available free of cost.There are already two manuals provided in English for different versions(2,3). Including a Wiki page. Here we have arranged some pdf’s that were basically in Japanese language. These tutorials will help you understand the functionality of the software. Quite good for beginners. KH coder is a free software, it can be used for text mining.…

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Rental Property Analysis Excel

For a investor it is very necessary to keep an eye on his investment. Buying a property needs a lot of effort and return on this investment depends of various factors. If you are trying to analyze how much ROI is there. How profitable and stable returns would be. Then you should calculate it in advance and work accordingly. Though there plenty of calculators on internet, but having a spreadsheet has its own benefits. You can use it anywhere and…

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Property Valuation Calculator Excel

Valuation of a property is not a easy task. You need data to reach estimated value. Appraisers  basically use three methods viz. Sales Comparison, Capitalization, and Replacement Cost. We are currently working on a worksheet that can help users in a better way to evaluate their property.   The following calculator software is a bit awesome from any other sheets mentioned below. It consists forecasting sheet that will help you determine the income and value of a investment property. Expenses, mortgage,before tax cash flows…

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shahenshahi calendar

Shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE Calendars

This spreadsheet allows user to generate 4 Zoroastrian calendars at a click ,shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE for the selected AD Year.  After downloading this xls file you have to open it in excel then allow macro to run. In the very first sheet tab you have to fill in the year. The year for which you want to generate calendar and press the button. Calendar 2017 or parsi calendar for any year you want.In second tab you can view…

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