Cash Flow Projection Template Excel

For any business house it is important to estimate the cash flow of the business, how the funds will be managed and in how much time business will be able to recover its invested amount back.The aim of preparing a cash flow projection is to determine the surplus or deficiency of the cash for a specific period of time. This spreadsheet is simple and can be edited according to user needs to fit in. It includes different sheets for cash…

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Startup Business Budget Template Excel

This awesome template features different sheets related to startup business. More like a budget template, it can be really useful if user is trying to startup his own business and want to track things. There are different sheets like coffee menu,customer sales projection sheet which is estimate of the customers as per traffic. Then there is startup costs sheet,labor projections,unit economics,sources and uses and multi store projections.

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Restaurant Inventory Spreadsheet Excel

This spreadsheet template offers different sheets for a restaurant owner. It is a complete bunch of various sheets that can be used for food and restaurant business. User can keep a check on beverages,beer,groceries,inventory and other stuff. Each sheet solves different purpose and then the front cover sheet consist of the summary of all the stuff(total)

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