Re-balancing spreadsheet from Canadian couch potato : It is a simple portfolio re-balancing spreadsheet that makes it easier to manage your different investment accounts in one. Quite popular among investors.There are two tabs within the sheet one is for allocation of funds and the other is for the input.


couch potato spreadsheet

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There are three different sheets provided by Canadian couch potato one is Permanent v couch spreadsheet : it is basically a historical return tracking sheet,along with chart and dollars data. The other one is ETF’s or index funds re-balancing sheet : Here user can allocate their investment amount along with expenditure done on acquiring them.


What is couch potato – According to dictionary coach potato is used for a lazy person who spends most of the time sitting or lying down, while watching tv.

But here it means a bit different and used in sense of portfolio management. The spreadsheet provided can be used to manage the allocation of money over different accounts.So we can providing here some of the very best collection of re-balancing spreadsheets available.
Global couch potato spreadsheet

margarita excel sheet