We all know that trade shows are a bit expensive, you have to pay for space,attendance registration ,design,setup,team of people (Who are able to represent ) your business,after making decision to be at trade show you have to estimate the possible returns against the total cost.

How to calculate ROI : ROI or Return on investment is the approach which almost every business follows, but there are various points that are to be kept in mind. Such as your company,your product and the nature of the show,type of crowd you are expecting and the number of potential benefits.
Smaller companies actually get more exposure via these shows rather than big players.

Formula :

ROI = (Gain from investment – cost of investment) / cost of investment

To make this process a bit easier we are providing you a excel sheet which will calculate ROI on tradeshow to make this work easier for you. You can input all the costs VIZ Event Sponsorship/Exhibition Costs,Transportation Expenses,Travel Expenses,Promotional Gifts/Collateral,Opportunity Cost of Lost Productivity,Meeting Arrangement Services and then compare it to the benefits derived.

Here is the excel spreadsheet that you can download
ROI on tradeshow excel


One has to click this image to start download