div 0 error in average formula

First of all one should know why this error occurs. It is one of the common errors in spreadsheet programs in which user tries to insert formulas with division operations. We know that we can’t divide a number by zero or a cell that contains no value as it would give error. It returnss #DIV/o!. user have to recheck the values and try to find the problem.

How to correct error

first of all press ctrl+~ to view the formulas you are using . Press CTRL +A,then ctrl+c and create a new blank workbook and paste ctrl+v it there.Now check for following erors. There is no divisor in the function with 0 or nil value ( i mean blank cell). You are suggested to enter #N/A instead of leaving a cell without value or 0 value,it indicates that the value is not available.

How to use IF statement or ISERROR function to Validate the AVERAGE

You can try Iserror formula it tracks all errors including N/A . Wrapping your formula with IFERROR function will help a lot.

sYNTAX =IFERROR(value,value_if_error) in which

‘value‘ is the formula that you are trying to calculate
‘value_if_error‘ is what you want to display if the formula generates an error.

The following function will show value zero in case there is an error. If you put “” then it will show a blank value.