Spearman rank correlation or spearman’s rho.

Download following spreadsheets for

1) This worksheet will help you to find spearman rank correlation for upto 1000 observations one can try this and enter their own values. The chart is created on the same sheet. Click image to view it online and then click on the download button on top right side if you like it.



2 ) A better sheet with multiple examples to understand how easily you can use formulas to calculate Spearman correlation.

3) Another option with examples for you.

Spearman Rank Correlation

This method is used in statistics to show the correlation coefficient between the ranked variables.In excel you can do this with the help of Regression tool which can be found here at Tools > Data Analysis > Regression this but you can calculate it easily using some formulas. Though creating your own spreadsheet is always useful and helps in understanding stats better but in case you are in hurry we are providing you some of the best spreadsheets for Ms excel to do this work. This link can be really useful if you want to try it by yourself.  http://www.real-statistics.com/correlation/spearmans-rank-correlation/