How to attack on the popular th9 bases all in one single spreadsheet good collection for clash of clans players.

TH9 Kamikaze’s Bacon Maker
TH9 Tsunami
TH9 Sir-Mix-Alot
TH9 Tesla X / The Kardashian
TH9 Sudoku
TH9 Anti-Valkyrie War Base: Turtle
TH9 White Flag
TH9 SahandsProject / Gamatrix
TH9 Sucker Punch
TH9 Can’t Touch This
TH9 WDM “Walls Don’t Matter”
TH9 Chris Anti Hog
TH9 Giza
TH9 Ringus
TH9 The General v3.1
TH9 The Shield
TH9 Dimond Tesla Moat
TH9 Jellyfish
TH9 Fortissimus
TH9 The Triple Threat
TH9 Split Walls
TH9 Anti Verymuch
TH9 Alpha Sectors
TH9 TH8Evolved
TH9 DarkEgg11
TH9 Unknown1
TH9 PCB (Popular Chinese Base)