This spreadsheet will help startups to arrange,manage and monitor their financial data. There are actually 3 steps in this worksheet. The very first step is in which  user has to  fill  data related to capital and funds. Sales and expenses projection related inputs can be filled in step 2 and 3. It will be better if you read instructions carefully before starting to use this excel sheet,  it would  be more easier for you to understand and edit it.

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If you have already purchased some assets in the past for business, you can insert their details in provided columns within sheet.

In start-up cost sheet you can input details related to funding sources viz .. owners contribution and loan funding. Other details related to cost should be included in this sheet only. Excel sheet currently supports cash-flow analysis for only two years but you can further enhance it to as many as years as you want by editing it carefully. You have to keep in mind about various costs that might not be included in this sheet, for eg. tax, other costs.

First read all the instructions, determine your requirements. Add,edit and delete carefully those functions that are related to your business.

Another option for you might be the one which given below. It considers beginning expenses,sources of capital, yearly sales forecast, cash flow, income statement , break-even , balance sheet and personal financial statement.

Here is another simplistic approach to determine the starting cost of business. It is much simpler to understand, expenditure heads may be customized as per requirement of the biz. heads like registration fees and license fee, trade marks are part of initial costs while anyone begins a biz. Other fixed costs and variable costs are also to be included. One should alter the templates as per his/her needs.