Cost Of Goods Template Excel

It is not limited to COG but it also includes most of the financial analysis tools such as direct material tracking,direct labor,cost of goods manufactured,working capital ,equipment costs,admin ,marketing and other financial tools. This spreadsheet is a tool for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a comprehensive and exhaustive solution user must use his knowledge to input data and to include or exclude any terms from sheet.

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Supplier Management Spreadsheet

This is an example spreadsheet to tackle the supplier information and related activities. User has to input his tasks and other information according to his needs.If you are not sure what you should include in the spreadsheet and what to delete i think it is better to refer to the example given in the spreadsheet. Make  suitable changes and build your own.

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Inventory Management Template

This “read only” example template can be really useful in sense if you want to create your own spreadsheet for inventory management, in few months we will be offering a new version that will be inspired by such templates but will be a bit better than this. This template is equipped with all necessary tools to track and manage inventory like ABC analysis,EOQ analysis,discount,service ,safety and more.

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