Cash flow management  spreadsheet

Being a professional accountant, i could say that it is never easy to manage all activities related to my clients that includes some law firms. If you are practicing alone or starting things up, then here are some sample excel templates that can help you.

First one includes multiple tabbed sheet. In the start-up costs you have to fill in details fixed costs like office furniture,IT hardware etc. as well as variable costs like website and marketing costs. After summing it up you can switch to another tabs for filling information related to income from practice area and files,fee earner budget and p&l budget and cash flow budget. Direct download the files by clicking image below.

example sheet

example sheet

2nd one : This sheet is straight forward a cash flow budget sheet. It has been pre-loaded with various flow of cash in different heads of income and expenses. Income sources like fee collected,disbursement collected are to be filled in cash inflows. Revenue expenses related are to be filled in cash outflows. It is much simpler to understand this sheet.

law practice another spreadsheet free
Both of the above sheets are samples only.You are free to edit and fill in values. Cash flow deals only with the cash management(its uses and sources). It cannot tell you whether your firm is making profit or loss.