Gantt Chart Sample Download

It is basically a schedule which is designed for your project work. Though similar to GANTT chart it is a bit more simpler than the other spreadsheets available here. You have the option of adding task, person responsible,the time frame and budget. Adding more to it you can also insert scheduling decision point meetings.

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Project Planning & Management Gantt Chart.

 Project Plan Gantt Chart. Enter the name of project,start date,end date.You can also create sub headings to create it more better. This spreadsheet includes different sheets that includes project scope change,status report,green light,project activity list,project risk assessment,resource planning and project management. It consists some macros. Click to download 

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Project Timetable Spreadsheet

Simple spreadsheet without any complexities.You can enter the main project activities and meetings.It can be used for multipurpose viz training/teaching/learning activities. The simplicity of this excel sheet make it more viable to understand even for a starter. For every activity, meeting or event, indicate the month(s) in which they will be conducted you can colour that particular cell for better view.

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