These spreadsheets will work on MAC iWork ’08 Numbers along with OpenOffice/NeoOffice & Excel version.You have to input the income and expenses that are expected by you. Your targeted savings and how you will be paying off your debts. You can take print outs as per your need.

zero based budgeting excel sheet
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Google drive version available,one can download this sheet and save it on their computers for offline working. It can be opened in excel and other spreadsheet software’s. It also consist a place holder for calendar .

Another excel worksheet that i found on¬†huffingtonpost ..Don’t get frighten by the complex look of the template..You can easily handle it just follow the instructions and edit whatever you have to.
Fill in the details for bills and the amount due for each month. Generally they are health insurance, car insurance, cell phone,electricity etc. Fill in the veryday expenses such as  groceries,household, and fun.

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