Change date format mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in excel

This problem is faced by many Indian users as the U.S system of mm/dd/yyyy is quite strange to them and for them it creates problem each time they look at it. So here i am sharing some tips to fix it.


  1. Without using any code or Macro

First i am taking here an example of date 9/23/2015 now to convert it into dd/mm/yyyy use this.
Right click that particular cell in which date is given and choose format cells. Now find custom in left and paste dd”/”mm”/”yyyy in the space provided. Click ok and it will change.


(i)  date format change without using macro





2) Using Macro 

Will generate result like this

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output macro

Public Function ChangeDateFormat(inputString As String) As String
  Dim firstDate As Date
  Dim secondDate As Date
  Dim trimmedInput As String
  trimmedInput = Trim$(inputString)
  firstDate = DateValue(Left$(trimmedInput, 10))
  secondDate = DateValue(Right$(trimmedInput, 10))
  ChangeDateFormat = Format(firstDate, "dd\/MM\/yyyy") & " - " & Format(secondDate, "dd\/MM\/yyyy")
End Function
Public Sub Test()
  Sheet1.[B2] = ChangeDateFormat(Sheet1.[A2])
End Sub



3) Using formula .


A2 is cell name

=TEXT(DATE(RIGHT(LEFT(A2,10),4),LEFT(LEFT(A2,10),2),MID(LEFT(A2,10),4,2)),"dd/MM/yyyy") & " - " & TEXT(DATE(RIGHT(RIGHT(TRIM(A2),10),4),LEFT(RIGHT(TRIM(A2),10),2),MID(RIGHT(TRIM(A2),10),4,2)),"dd/MM/yyyy"