There are plenty of Excel spreadsheet recovery software’s out there which one is your favorite ? I am including some of them here,their features along with their prices. It is not a review exactly for these tools but you can help me here by posting your comments and tell us which one is best? and why i should pay or not for that software.

1. Cimaware’s Excel fix : It comes with a price tag of €79. Developers say that this tool can recover names, external references and multi-sheet ranges along with charts and other data. Embedded images can also be recovered.

2. Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair : supports both MAC and windows version but only .XLSX files are supported on MAC. Their demo version is good as user can preview the repaired file at least he can feel assured that the file is repairable and to save it he can purchase full version.

3. Excel FIX 5 : They are promoting this product as the best in industry and according to them it can recover files that has suffered major corruption to its structure. Just like the Stellar software you can view the repaired file in demo version but can’t save it.

So which one is best…?