I got  a request from one of my blog reader that he wants a electricity consumption calculator sheet so here are my best ones. You can pick any one from them.

First one can be termed as best for determining the stats for both domestic as well as commercial. I would say it is pretty neat work. Appliances ,lighting ,heating & hot water energy demand and in another sheet you can calc the commercial KWH demand.
home lighting


This spreadsheet is split in two pages one is used to calculate the energy consumption by various devices like bulbs etc during summer and the other in winter. User has to provide information such as qty,appliance power and daily usage and it will automatically calculate the energy requirement.

summer winter power consumption


The sheet is solely created to determine the energy  efficiency of water pumps. You have to fill in following data to get information. Electrical energy consumption (measured or nameplate), run hours etc along with the average unit price in your area. You have to click on image to download the worksheet.pump efficiency


Now this last one is a bit different it allows user to calculate energy in terms of fossil fuel.

fossil fuel consumption calculator