This software is a text analysis and mining software that can be used for computational linguistics. It supports various languages and is available free of cost.There are already two manuals provided in English for different versions(2,3). Including a Wiki page. Here we have arranged some pdf’s that were basically in Japanese language. These tutorials will help you understand the functionality of the software. Quite good for beginners. KH coder is a free software, it can be used for text mining. You can use it for commercial purpose for free but software comes under GPL license so you can’t sell it.


  1. Manual of version 2 
  2. Manual of version 3

Some samples (converted from Japanese to English)

Starting a new project on software

More analysis example

Text mining software helps user when we have to deal with large data sets. It is better than keyword search as it automatically,reads and analyze the documents using specialized algorithms.
KH coder is used for a effective and efficient search. When user performs a keyword or string search the algorithm tries to recognize similar concepts. On the basis of facts, relationships and assertions.