This spreadsheet allows user to generate 4 Zoroastrian calendars at a click ,shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE for the selected AD Year.  After downloading this xls file you have to open it in excel then allow macro to run. In the very first sheet tab you have to
fill in the year. The year for which you want to generate calendar and press the button.

2017 calendar

Calendar 2017 or parsi calendar for any year you want.In second tab you can view the created calendars and in forth you can convert a gregorian date. Enter any Shehenshahi Date as Y.Z., Mah, Roj below in Red cells.To convert from a Kadmi Date, use equivalent Shehenshahi Date (subtract 30 days).

shahenshahi calendar

This xls sheet is easy to use plus it is editable and you can use it from any where. You can keep it in your smartphone and use it whenever you need it. Downloading is easy part you have to simply click on the image given above and it will start. The best thing that i found in this sheet is its applicability. All you have to do is put in the year for which you want to generate calendar and voila !!.