There are plenty of ways to train yourself, but it becomes much easier if you follow a perfect routine and program. Squats are for everyone though many of us try to avoid us but they are really important.It burns fat, boost up endurance and tone entire body. It does not matter if you are he or she.

Now lets talk about programs and how to manage it ?

We are providing multiple options for you to choose from. You can pick either of the excel sheet and try them. You can ask your gym coach or do it yourself if you are pro.There is everyday worksheet as well as challenge sheet. You can also pick from Russian, texas,hatch,wendler,smolov or 5X5 program.


1. Nice and clean sheet to start things.
schedule texas

2. This sheet is s sub-divided exercise and repetitions that can be modified as per user wish. You have to fill in data like your current 5×5 pr’s in yellow cells, then RM factor and so on. 1 RM means one repetition max.
Texas squat press excel

Another sheet  : If you want to compare your workout with others here is a sample sheet that shows real persons data along with their age and best squats done along with totals and other important figures.
compare squatting


Basically many people prefer this program as it is one of the well known program for intermediate lifters. Olympic Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay was the guy who brought this method up on internet. As you can see in spreadsheets Monday workout is a bit heavier then Wednesday is a lighter day allowing you to recover and then again on Friday you are on new PR for more. It gives you more chance to recover and will not let you feel fatigue.