Law Firm Profitability Calculator

This time we are offering you a powerful tool to calculate profitability of your law firm.This template allows user to determine the projected revenues and compare those revenues to the costs. Analyze the cost linked with associate partner.
law firm profitability calculator

You can understand it with an example provided within the sheet.
This example is based for large sized Toronto law firm. We have already published a budget template in past.


There is a another worksheet available that can help you in comparing the performance of two or more attorneys. It is basically an sample only and data like no. of trials, and success rate is considered to determine which one is attorneys

8+ Monte Carlo Simulation Excel Example and Add ins

This sample sheet shows example of random number generation and  Monte Carlo simulation. This worksheet runs a macro to do this work that can be adjusted for 1000 repetitions or for 10000 repetitions. RANDOM() function is used as base.

To simulate a Monte Carlo situation for cost risk one has to look on the factors or parameters that have uncertainty associated with them, then find the distributions  that are to be used for every one of them. Now create a cost model related to the the factors to a final cost. Place a random number generator and then replace fixed cost
with associated distributions. Now correlate costs, run simulation,sort the results and chart it.

monte carlo excel


Here is another example in which risk is calculated in case business don’t save enough to justify the lease. Much easier way and runs without any macro using random function.

without macro

Development risk calculating sheet. Discounted cash flow of development along with probabilistic analysis of the development. A graph showing possible NPV. (This sheet runs excel Add ins)

third example sheet


We are sharing free monte carlo excel add ins. No expiration, no trial based software. Give them a try. Might be these are what you are looking for.

  1. SimulAr : Developed in Argentina this software allows user to analyze and evaluate risk associated with decisions making.It is a complement of ms excel. I would certainly recommend it . Don’t forget to download the user manual pdf for better understanding. All the downloadms excel add in
  2. SIMTOOLS : This tool will add statistical functions for risk analysis in worksheet.You have to download SIMTOOLS.XLA this will add three macro  procedures to the tools menu. First is simulation table,Iterative process and last combine rows.  Download here
  3. MonteCarlito 1.10 : You have to follow the instructions to make it work. This tool is equipped with certain features like Statistical analysis: mean, median, standard error, variance, skewness, kurtosis along with charting features. free add in excel
  4. Yasai : simple tool for this purpose. Developed at  MSIS Department of Rutgers Business School. Would be great for beginners as it was designed for teaching elementary process.beginners guide to monte carlo excel
  5.  AHP model with M-C : This software is available on github. Find it here.

EVM Earned Value Management Excel

evm chart in excel

Example sheets contains chart. Don’t forget to check them.



evm chart in excel


Very first worksheet consist 3 tabbed sheets. Earned value,actual cost along with a report.If you want to check how this worksheet is working in background of the sheet just press ctrl+` button and all the formula’s will be revealed.You have to keep in mind that while inserting data WBS,task name and tbc are identical. You have to enter the percentage for each task to determine the CEV. This template manages to create chart as per input on the same sheet.Charts are created for earned value analysis. Along with performance index i.e determined while comparing cost performance index and schedule performance index. Don’t forget to read definitions sheet.


example of evm analysis

We have found another worksheet with a detailed view. How to do this by yourself in excel. Actually this one is an example of project performance report preparation.But the good thing is that. The author of this sheet has explained it in detail.

Formula :

EV Earned Value EV = BAC  x  Actual % Complete Actual worked peformed to date.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Form

vehicle checklist

These automobile inspection checklists are real handy. You can download any one of them. You can edit them in pdf  editor or you can try the MS word version by using any online pdf to word converter. If you want excel version you can put this demand in comments. These files are printable and free. We are also processing a list of around 10 checklist forms for pre-owned cars.

These templates are quite useful, in case you are getting your car serviced or buying a pre-owned car. It might also be useful if you are a mechanic who wants to keep a check on work progress.

Vehicle Maintenance inspection

This blue red template can be useful for vehicle maintenance team. After downloading and printing this sheet. User have to write down the name, membership number (if any), date on which car came into workshop. Details related to car such as year,make, model and mileage has also to be written. At the left side there are 3 type of emoticons. Happy face, unhappy and normal. You have to tick in those checkboxes. Visibility test,lights, lubes,battery,belts,hoses and other stuff.


automotive checklist

Extensive check-list sheet for vehicle service. When car arrives for the first time in garage. Details about its condition are entered in this list, Under “IN” column and under “OUT” when work is completed. Graphical presentation makes work more easy.


Colorful car checkup form :

printable car checked items

One page printable sheet. Allows user to fill in details regarding now and then details for car.Details from fluid levels to battery condition. Body condition. Wipers etc. Quite amazing.

Simpler form

vehicle checklist


This one is also quite simple to understand. We have managed to put only the best and simplest form of pdf files. All you have to do is download..print and edit and use them.

car inspection


Recommended notebook to keep a list for recording the details of vehicle like checking fluids,rubber gloves,small flash light,paint depth gauge.

automobile pre-purchase



kh coder tutorial

This software is a text analysis and mining software that can be used for computational linguistics. It supports various languages and is available free of cost.There are already two manuals provided in English for different versions(2,3). Including a Wiki page. Here we have arranged some pdf’s that were basically in Japanese language. These tutorials will help you understand the functionality of the software. Quite good for beginners. KH coder is a free software, it can be used for text mining. You can use it for commercial purpose for free but software comes under GPL license so you can’t sell it.


  1. Manual of version 2 
  2. Manual of version 3

Some samples (converted from Japanese to English)

Starting a new project on software

More analysis example

Text mining software helps user when we have to deal with large data sets. It is better than keyword search as it automatically,reads and analyze the documents using specialized algorithms.
KH coder is used for a effective and efficient search. When user performs a keyword or string search the algorithm tries to recognize similar concepts. On the basis of facts, relationships and assertions.


Rental Property Analysis Excel

For a investor it is very necessary to keep an eye on his investment. Buying a property needs a lot of effort and return on this investment depends of various factors. If you are trying to analyze how much ROI is there. How profitable and stable returns would be. Then you should calculate it in advance and work accordingly.

Though there plenty of calculators on internet, but having a spreadsheet has its own benefits. You can use it anywhere and anytime. Including the benefits of sharing. So here we are with various sheets that will make your life a bit easier.

The worksheet consist three tabbed sheets single family condo, Multi-unit and the last one is for student rental-payment. You have to fill in details like address, area sq feet and year in which it was built. Mortgage information, investment and monthly income. The cash flow will be generated automatically along with ROI.


student rental payment



Investment property record book

: user have to input data in multiple tabs about income and expenses of different estates. Then it will automatically generate the summary of account in a single sheet i.e ..summary.

analyze and calculate

Annual rental property management sheet : Multiple sheets for depicting the I&E of each month of year, which is further summed on 1 tab.



Two different sheets to manage inflows and outflows from a rental investment. It will further show its effect on the very first summary option sheet.

Cash flow rental



Adjustment for GST/HST along with income and expenses. (Canada). This one is not a calc, it is actually like a form. You have to fill in details like property address,gst/hst information. Sources of income and expenses. Automobile expenses and capital assets.

income and expenditure calculator


Property Valuation Calculator Excel

Valuation of a property is not a easy task. You need data to reach estimated value. Appraisers  basically use three methods viz. Sales Comparison, Capitalization, and Replacement Cost. We are currently working on a worksheet that can help users in a better way to evaluate their property.


The following calculator software is a bit awesome from any other sheets mentioned below. It consists forecasting sheet that will help you determine the income and value of a investment property. Expenses, mortgage,before tax cash flows and one sheet to calculate the future selling price using methods like NPV and IRR.

Capitalization method : This sheet will help you calculate and compare the different properties with their cash inflows and outflows. Inputs like purchase price,rent etc are to be filled by user to determine the initial value of the estate.

Property analyzer


For commercial land schemes here is a sheet that can help you a bit. It is a very basic type of spreadsheet that is not suited for complex projects.

commercial property appraisal

Sales comparison method : One of the very basic method used. In this method appraiser compares the property to similar ones that have been sold recently. But this does not mean that if your neighbor estate is sold for a good value, your’s will also. There are certain other appraisal principles like supply and demand that work.
Just like every market. You might be lucky if real estate prices are at boom at your locality or you might have to wait for some time. You would require data like recent sales at your neighborhood, contract,offers,refusals and listing. You can find data from appraisers,brokers,website listing, courthouse records,property managers as well as you can ask parties that had been in such transactions. Here is a sample sheet that will give you an idea about this method. Here you can select the type of real estate commercial or residential. Keep in mind that this is just for example.

real estate comparison

Shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE Calendars

shahenshahi calendar

This spreadsheet allows user to generate 4 Zoroastrian calendars at a click ,shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE for the selected AD Year.  After downloading this xls file you have to open it in excel then allow macro to run. In the very first sheet tab you have to
fill in the year. The year for which you want to generate calendar and press the button.

2017 calendar

Calendar 2017 or parsi calendar for any year you want.In second tab you can view the created calendars and in forth you can convert a gregorian date. Enter any Shehenshahi Date as Y.Z., Mah, Roj below in Red cells.To convert from a Kadmi Date, use equivalent Shehenshahi Date (subtract 30 days).

shahenshahi calendar

This xls sheet is easy to use plus it is editable and you can use it from any where. You can keep it in your smartphone and use it whenever you need it. Downloading is easy part you have to simply click on the image given above and it will start. The best thing that i found in this sheet is its applicability. All you have to do is put in the year for which you want to generate calendar and voila !!.

Texas Squat Method Spreadsheet

There are plenty of ways to train yourself, but it becomes much easier if you follow a perfect routine and program. Squats are for everyone though many of us try to avoid us but they are really important.It burns fat, boost up endurance and tone entire body. It does not matter if you are he or she.

Now lets talk about programs and how to manage it ?

We are providing multiple options for you to choose from. You can pick either of the excel sheet and try them. You can ask your gym coach or do it yourself if you are pro.There is everyday worksheet as well as challenge sheet. You can also pick from Russian, texas,hatch,wendler,smolov or 5X5 program.


1. Nice and clean sheet to start things.
schedule texas

2. This sheet is s sub-divided exercise and repetitions that can be modified as per user wish. You have to fill in data like your current 5×5 pr’s in yellow cells, then RM factor and so on. 1 RM means one repetition max.
Texas squat press excel

Another sheet  : If you want to compare your workout with others here is a sample sheet that shows real persons data along with their age and best squats done along with totals and other important figures.
compare squatting


Basically many people prefer this program as it is one of the well known program for intermediate lifters. Olympic Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay was the guy who brought this method up on internet. As you can see in spreadsheets Monday workout is a bit heavier then Wednesday is a lighter day allowing you to recover and then again on Friday you are on new PR for more. It gives you more chance to recover and will not let you feel fatigue.

Energy Consumption Calculator Spreadsheet

summer winter power consumption

I got  a request from one of my blog reader that he wants a electricity consumption calculator sheet so here are my best ones. You can pick any one from them.

First one can be termed as best for determining the stats for both domestic as well as commercial. I would say it is pretty neat work. Appliances ,lighting ,heating & hot water energy demand and in another sheet you can calc the commercial KWH demand.
home lighting


This spreadsheet is split in two pages one is used to calculate the energy consumption by various devices like bulbs etc during summer and the other in winter. User has to provide information such as qty,appliance power and daily usage and it will automatically calculate the energy requirement.

summer winter power consumption


The sheet is solely created to determine the energy  efficiency of water pumps. You have to fill in following data to get information. Electrical energy consumption (measured or nameplate), run hours etc along with the average unit price in your area. You have to click on image to download the worksheet.pump efficiency


Now this last one is a bit different it allows user to calculate energy in terms of fossil fuel.

fossil fuel consumption calculator