Property Valuation Calculator Excel

Valuation of a property is not a easy task. You need data to reach estimated value. Appraisers  basically use three methods viz. Sales Comparison, Capitalization, and Replacement Cost. We are currently working on a worksheet that can help users in a better way to evaluate their property.   The following calculator software is a bit awesome from any other sheets mentioned below. It consists forecasting sheet that will help you determine the income and value of a investment property. Expenses, mortgage,before tax cash flows…

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shahenshahi calendar

Shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE Calendars

This spreadsheet allows user to generate 4 Zoroastrian calendars at a click ,shehenshahi, Kadmi, Fasli, and ZRE for the selected AD Year.  After downloading this xls file you have to open it in excel then allow macro to run. In the very first sheet tab you have to fill in the year. The year for which you want to generate calendar and press the button. Calendar 2017 or parsi calendar for any year you want.In second tab you can view…

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Texas Squat Method Spreadsheet

There are plenty of ways to train yourself, but it becomes much easier if you follow a perfect routine and program. Squats are for everyone though many of us try to avoid us but they are really important.It burns fat, boost up endurance and tone entire body. It does not matter if you are he or she. Now lets talk about programs and how to manage it ? We are providing multiple options for you to choose from. You can…

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summer winter power consumption

Energy Consumption Calculator Spreadsheet

I got  a request from one of my blog reader that he wants a electricity consumption calculator sheet so here are my best ones. You can pick any one from them. First one can be termed as best for determining the stats for both domestic as well as commercial. I would say it is pretty neat work. Appliances ,lighting ,heating & hot water energy demand and in another sheet you can calc the commercial KWH demand.   This spreadsheet is split…

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5 Event budget excel templates that you will love

Event management is not a easy task, one has to take care of different things and arrangements. We are providing you some spreadsheets that will lessen your burden a bit at-least related to budget and management. This cool worksheet have three different sheets for comparison of budget projected and actual along with charts. Colorful presentation makes it eye catchy and i would say one must try it. You can edit the headings and sub-headings after downloading the template. (Download the…

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comparison calculator lease

Lease vs Own Analysis

Many of us get confused whether to get a property, car or any other thing on lease or purchase it.We have collected some of the best tools to help you make this decision. Compare between the three worksheet This sheet allows user to insert data and compare between purchasing,leasing or renting a machinery or asset. You have to be careful while inputting number of years for comparison. As number of years must not be lower than combined lease&finance term.Make sure…

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Employee Roster Template Excel sheet

Simple example of a worker roster form with macros. One can simply click the image and download/view the format. Another sample sheet showing how to manage personnel roster for mining workers. Incentive sheet : This spreadsheet will help you determine individual sales targets for each employee based on the daily sales goal and calculate data based on those numbers. There are 3 sheets involved in it, 1 st is for calculation, second one is for weekly breakdown of the sum and the last…

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Free Volere Templates (Examples)

Free of cost sample Volere templates that can be downloaded in excel,pdf and doc formats. Volere is used by business firms to manage their organisations. Some of the themes include requirement specifications,stakeholder analysis and others. Download sample spreadsheet   The next one is atomic requirement sample Some example themes are provided free by official volere website itself all you have to do is get your self registered to download it.

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Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)Excel Calculator

It is one of the process to detect the probability that a single unit can pass a series of process without defects, it is a part and parcel of six sigma (quality). Following are some of the top calculating tools and examples to practice this method. RTY is the product of each process’s throughput yield, TPY.   Here is another one more sophisticated and good one View demo  

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Tour Operator Profit and loss Account Example

Download this example for tour and travel agents depicting how the costs and incomes are distributed among various items. You can edit information according to your assessment year, this example sheet also consist balance sheet.   This sample sheet shows what major items are included when handling the accounts of a tourism business. This sample sheet is available on onedrive so if you want to download it you have to click on the download link provided . Below is the…

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